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    Server Rules

    Post by Heero Yamato on Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:03 am

    [Server Rules]

    As long as you are on 7th's Teamspeak Server, you will abide by our rules. They aren't that hard to follow and you shouldn't have any trouble with them. If you disagree with something, we will discuss it in a mature and adult manner. I don't want any useless arguments to occur so try not to be an imbecile and waste my time. READ THE RULES.

    1.) Do not Flood the Server

    2.) Do no register for more than 1 Dedicated Channel. 1 Channel, 4 Sub Channels, 25 Users Max should be enough. If you need more contact me via MSN or Xfire.

    3.) Do not use any vulgar content for your Username/Nickname

    4.) If you are a Channel admin for a Clan, Group, or Guild, do not include any obscene material in your Channel Name unless you ask me first via PM on forum, MSN, Xfire, or on teamspeak via Text Message.

    5.) Do not ask me for server admin. Nuff' Said!

    6.) No seriously, follow 'rule 5.)' if you want to stay on the server.

    7.) Try to use names that will make you easy to identify by the Server Admins and Myself. Refrain from offensive words as well.

    8.) Do not spam the server with useless text, kicking players from channels etc.

    9.) RESPECT AUTHORITY. Server admins are the highest authority possible in my server, if a server administrator comes into your channel and asks you a question, you answer them with respect and do not question them. If they go out-of-line, tell me via MSN/Xfire.

    10.) Follow Rules 1-9.

    Easy enough right? Good.

    ~Heero Yamato
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