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    Server Info

    Post by Heero Yamato on Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:12 am

    IP Address:

    This address is subject to change, and if and when it is, it will be updated on this post. If you cannot connect to the server, make sure that your firewall is allowing teamspeak to be run properly and without problems. If you still can't connect contact me via Forums/MSN/Xfire to see if it is a problem on my side.

    [To Register to the Teamspeak Server]

    Login to the server unregistered, On your teamspeak application, go up to the 'Self' tab, and hit 'Register With Server' fill out the desired information and you're all set.


    PM me with the desired Username/Password and I will manually add you to the server user list.

    Everything else can be found elsewhere, regarding rules, regulation, terms of service, etc.

    ~Heero Yamato

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