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    Channel Request Application Form

    Post by Heero Yamato on Wed Nov 04, 2009 1:24 am

    If you wish to apply for a dedicated channel on the Teamspeak Server then do the following steps:

    1.) Copy the code below.
    2.) Create a new thread in this section with your clan, group, guild, etc...'s Name.
    3.) Paste the code and fill it out accordingly.
    4.) Check back on your post in 1 - 4 hours.

    [The Code]

    My Organizations Name (Clan, Guild, etc...):

    Your Rank in this Organization (Leader, Admin, Member, etc...):

    Email for Contact outside the Forum (Must be Valid):

    Desired Channel Name (3-25 Characters, will be inside '||  ||' Marks):

    Are You Going to be The Main Channel Admin? (Yes, No):

    How Often do you Plan to use this Server? (Days per Week):

    "I agree to follow the rules that Heero Yamato has written out for his server. I also agree to respect the Administrators and Staff of the server, and agree that I will not attempt to harm the server in anyway." Is this acceptable? (Yes, No):

    Try to fill out the information without any mistakes, be sure to double check it and fill everything out accordingly.

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